ACE Group is entering dynamically the field of Casinos, implementing a short-termed penetrating program that is related to its long experience in the field, as an officially recognized and licensed Casino Supplier, member of G.R.E.F. (Gaming Regulators European Forum) and I.A.G.R. (Gaming Regulators European Forum and (International Association of Gaming Regulators).

Nowadays, while global market is constantly challenged, our vision is to improve the quality of our products, at the most attractive available price and at the minimum delivery time. This is why we aim to create a flexible and responsive network, supplying primarily Casinos not only in Balkans but also throughout the world, due to our country’s geographical location, by strategically focusing on Casino Live Gaming Layouts.

Vouros Ioannis

CEO of ACE Group

In the light of our common interest, I wish you all the best.