Playing cards

Using only the latest cutting edge technology in production methods, ACE Group playing cards are made for maximun durability.


We offer you a wide range of unique designs for your specific requirements in a convenient handling size. Our expertise graphic design team can present you a series of designs 100% personalized to your Casino theme with an optional white frame according to your specifications

Custom Design Example

For the production and distribution of Casino Playing Cards, ACE Group uses strict quality criteria to select the appropriate materials needed for shuffling machines. The absence of paper is imposed on this production process, while the use of PVC is inevitable. In terms of design, we interfere with the Index type, font size, colour options on both sides, the design of the outer side of the card, as well as the design of the packaging. We technically intervene in the size and dimensions of the cardboard’s, thickness, height and width, since the quality of the material has been standardized by our Company’s experts.